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  • What is the 1 1/4 handicap? How to read and experience winning up to 99%

    Posted by phan on January 22, 2024 at 6:43 am

    Handicap 1 1/4, also known as Asian Handicap 1.25, is a popular type of bet in the World and Asian betting markets. In the realm of football betting, Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under (Total Goals) are three commonly football tips forebet applied types of bets.

    Handicap 1 1/4 is referred to by various names, including:

    Handicap 1 1/4: A commonly used term in the media.

    Handicap 1 left 1/4: A term used by both bettors and the media.

    Handicap 1-1.5: A term used specifically by bettors.

    Handicap 1.25: A widely used and easily understandable term.

    Handicap 1 left left 1/2: An infrequently used term within the industry.

    This handicap indicates the difference between two teams, the stronger team (upper side) and the weaker team (lower side). In this scenario, the stronger team is given a 1.25 goal handicap. Simply put, reputable bookmakers set the odds for the stronger team and the weaker team to win by 1.25 goals. Bettors can rely on their own predictions to choose whether to bet on the stronger or weaker team.

    The significance of Handicap 1 1/4 is profound. Bookmakers believe that there is a significant power gap between the stronger and weaker teams to set this handicap. This means the stronger team must win by at least 2 goals for bettors to have a chance of winning.

    To provide such predictions and odds, top bookmakers need to conduct thorough analyses. Usually, bookmakers have a team of experts who analyze odds extensively. Based on quantitative and qualitative techniques, bookmakers can relatively accurately determine reasonable odds.

    When Handicap 1 1/4 is offered, the historical head-to-head win-loss ratio of the two teams is often substantial. Additionally, recent form differences between the two teams are also prominently considered. Bettors should pay attention to these factors when analyzing bookmaker odds.

    Now, let’s delve into how to interpret and play Handicap 1 1/4:

    Betting on the Upper Team:

    Upper team wins by a 2-goal margin: Bettors win the entire bet.

    Upper team wins by a 1-goal margin: Bettors lose half of their bet.

    Match ends in a draw: Bettors lose the entire bet.

    Upper team loses: Bettors lose the entire bet.

    Betting on the Lower Team:

    Upper team wins by a 2-goal margin: Bettors lose the entire bet.

    Upper team wins by a 1-goal margin: Bettors win half of their bet.

    Match ends in a draw: Bettors win the entire bet.

    Upper team loses: Bettors win the entire bet.

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    Experience in winning 1 1/4 handicap bets

    Finally, Wintips wants to share with you the experience of easily winning 1 1/4 handicap bets. Below are crucial insights gathered from seasoned experts that you should promptly include in your betting handbook.

    Gather information about the match:

    Not only should the top bookmakers pay attention to information for placing bets, but players must also carefully follow information to analyze odds and predict match results. Key information includes:

    Basic information about both teams: Coach, players, lineup, tactics, recent mood, individual player form, team form, etc.

    Objective information: Venue of the match, historical head-to-head records, strategic relationships between the two teams, etc.

    Relevant information: Weather conditions, climate, cuisine, etc.

    Reference information: Opinions of friends, expert opinions, information from football experts, etc.

    Check the bookmakers’ odds:

    The odds offered by bookmakers are diverse, including favorable and unfavorable odds. You need to be cautious and as detailed as possible. Many bettors place bets hastily, failing to recognize the underlying meaning behind the bookmakers’ odds. Consequently, they choose poorly, leading to losing bets and wasted money.

    Additionally, you should choose a reputable, professional, and reliable bookmaker to participate. Currently, the most reliable bookmakers on the market allow you to bet with confidence.

    Choose the right time to place bets:

    Typically, bookmakers set the betting odds for each match well before the match takes place, usually a week in advance. You have ample time to research, compare, analyze, and select odds for betting. There’s no need to rush and place bets too early.

    If the bookmaker changes the odds, you should also consider adjusting your bets. Instead, bettors should diligently monitor the bookmakers’ developments and place bets just a few hours before the match. At that time, the chances of winning the bet will be significantly higher.

    The above information betting tips vip app covers what you need to know about 1 1/4 handicap bets. Engaging in football betting is a hobby and passion for many enthusiasts. However, to ensure safe and effective betting, do not overlook the top bookmakers. Best of luck and success in your football betting endeavors!

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